“Paul, F07 error code fault help please.”

Sue Humphries

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Hi Sue Humphries,

On all Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, and Indesit appliances the following fault F07 has different meanings on different types of appliance see below.

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Front Loader & washer Dryer,

Error: F07,

Type: EV01 & EV02 Module,

Fault: Heater faulty. Check heater and module connections.

You will find a useful workshop manual from this site

Condenser Dryer,

Error: F07,

Type: EV01 Module,

Fault: Faulty lower heater, Check heater and associated wiring.

Condenser Tumble Dryer,

Error: F07,

Type: CTD80, CTD85,

Fault: Lower heater faulty. Check heater and wiring.

Please Read

Display search:

The error codes listed here are all for Hotpoint/Creda (Ariston, Indesit) machines, Some of the codes are for more than one appliance and equally the same error code can in some cases refer to more than one module type, so it could be necessary to find which eeprom your machine has (the eeprom is a computer chip located on the module which is pre-programmed with machine instructions).i.e. Standard (no eeprom) EV01, EV02 or EV03. Only if two or more different answers come up for the same type of appliance will this be necessary. The information given here is only intended as a possible starting place to locate the fault on your machine and to indicate which area the code relates to.

Single Flashing Neon search:

On some appliances a fault is indicated by the ‘mains on/door lock’ neon flashing a set number of times, to indicate where in the program the fault is. If you have one of these appliances then count the number of times the neon flashes before pausing, So if the neon flashed 10 times then 10f is the fault code (This only applies to appliances where the mains on neon flashes and is normally accompanied by the timer knob constantly rotating)

Selector search:(Lights)

The instructions in this section are only if your machine has a selector dial (knob)

To search for a flashing light or static light sequence on a machine that uses function indicator LED’s to specify fault codes, you must enter a numeric code of either ‘0’ for OFF or ‘1’ for ON depending if the LED is on or off. Counting from the left or from the top down (depending on your machine)The exception to this rule is the AQXXL 129 PI/PM models, they start at 1 at the bottom and increase to 5 at the top:(only count the first 5 LED’s from the bottom up) The numbers should be preceded with the letter ‘S’ in the search panel, so a search criteria would look like, s0101 if the first LED was off the second was on the third off and the fourth on. Remember for the AQXXL the first number would be the bottom one of the set.

Push Button search :( Lights)

To do a search on a machine with push buttons the criteria is the same as with the ‘Selector Search’ except there could be more LED’s on the push button models than on the selector ones, and the preceding letter is ‘B’ so the same search could look like this b01010.

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