Cooker and Oven Questions

Tuesday 14th
August , 2012

I have a Beko DV555S and need to replace the inline fuse but am told it is no longer available. How do I replace it with the substitute that is offered as a suitable replacement?

ASSEMBLY OF THERMIC CUT OUT ***For this asssembly you must order 4410101001 thermic cut out + cables group. This is the thermal cut-out group complete with connection cables. A. Cut-out assembled to support sheet B. Connection cable to terminal block C. Connection cable to components located at the upper parts of the appliance. (Please refer […]

Thursday 19th
April , 2012

I have a cooker which was installed when I had my kitchen refit a few years ago. I believe the model is ADP4830. Whilst cooking on Sunday, there was a loud bang and I saw that the glass had shattered inside the door. Your website was recommended by a friend so I tried to search for the piece of glass, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, probably due to using an incorrect description (adp4830 inside glass). Can you point me in the right direction please?

I assume it was the main oven inner glass that shattered, in which case here is a diagram of the main oven door. Here is the Main Oven Inner Door Glass Click here for all spare parts associated with ADP4830 How to find and purchase parts for your appliance

Tuesday 31st
January , 2012

We have an grill element that is not heating up on one side of our Hotpoint uy46x mk2 Cooker can you help

Yes this will normally be the grill element or the thermostat on this Hotpoint uy46x mk2 Oven or cooker there are some diagrams below that will help you and the link to the parts for your cooker. Also if you need help on fitting or diagnoseing this fault see our appliance video tutorials section Here […]

Friday 20th
January , 2012

I am looking for a replacement inner glass panel for the main oven door for my Lamona HJA 3300.The glass seemed to shatter for no reason.Is this a common problem and is it easy to replace?

Yes this is a common problem with cookers that have this glass fitted. You can see the glass as item 3324 on the  drawing below. It is simply held in place by a few screws therefore easy to change. Click here to see the listing on our website

Wednesday 4th
January , 2012

Hi Seen you Video on you Tube … very useful I have a Credaplan Cordialle 48243 Single Oven. The grill works fine and the element gets hot. The oven however is not working, the element is not getting hot at all and the oven fan is not spinning. 1) Do you have an oven element? If so how much does it cost? 2) Do you have the fan Motor? If so how much does it cost? 3) Also do you have a 25w oven bulb for this oven? Cheers

Here are the parts for your cooker Credaplan Cordialle 48243 link below but please check that the timer is not on auto as this is a common fault, or sometimes the timer can be faulty Creda  48243 spare parts