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Carbon brushes: hoover

Pack of 2
Hoover Logic washing machine carbon brushes

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Product Description

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Carbon Brushes: Hoover

Hoover Logic, Classica, New Wave, Soft Wave Series washing machine carbon brushes

SD30 Sandwich/Laminated construction

Fits these models:

HOOVER Logic 800, 1100, 1200, 1300 RPM, A0087, A0093, A0095, A0113, A0115, A0123, A0125, A1007, A1080, A1081, A1087, A1093, A1097, A1100, A1101, A1103, A1105, A1106, A1107, A1110, A1111, A1112, A1113, A1115, A1116, A1119, A1120, A1121, A1123, A1125, A1126, A1130, A1137, A2100, A2101, A2117, A2120, A2121, A2130, A2132, A2135, A2136, A2137, A2139, A2140, A2141, A2142, A2145, A2146, A2147, A2149, A2150, A2152, A2153, A2155, A2156, A2163, A2167, A2836, A2838, A2840, A2842, A2844, A2846, A2848, A2850, A2852, A2854, A3168, A3184, A3268, A3294, A3392, A3394, A3492, A3494, A3570, A3572, A3574, A3576, A3578, A3580, A3582, A3584, A3586, A3588, A3596, A3616, A3618, A3620, A3622, A3624, A3626, A3628, A3630, A3632, A3634, A3636, A3638, A3640, A3642, A3668, A3670, A3686, A3690, A3764, A3766, A3768, A3770, A3772, A3778, A3780, A3782, A3784, A3786, A3788, A3790, A3792, A3794, A3796, A3798, A3800, A3802, A3804, A3846, A3870, A3872, A3874, A3876, A3886, A3888, A3939, A3946, A3948, A3950 ,A3952, A3954, A3956, A3958, A3960, A3962, A8504, A8506, A8508, A8512, A8516, A8518, A8520, A8532, A8534, A8536, A8544, A8546, A8548, A8550, A8552, A8554, A8556, A8558, A8560, A8568, A8570, A8572, A8576, A8578, A8580, A8582, A8584, A8596, A8598, A8604, A8606, A8608, A8610, A8612, A8614, A8722, A8726, A8750, A8752, A8754, A8756, A8758, Classica, New Wave, Soft Wave, AB022, AB030, AB032, AB036, AC136, AC150, AC152, AC154, AC156, AC158, AC160, AC162, AC164, AC166, AC168, AC170, AC172, AC174, AC176, AC178, AC180, AC182, AC184, AC220, AC268, AC270, AC272, AC274, AC326, AC328, AC330, AC332, AC340, AC342, W1117, W1120, W1121, W2120, W2121, W2140, W2141, W2147, WE123, WE125, WE126, WN143, WN145, WN146, WN149, WS115:

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